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Re: [Bug ada/48835] Porting GNAT to GNU/Linux/m68k

Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> writes:
> Ludovic Brenta dixit:
>>Thanks for this report.  The symptoms are the same as in
>>http://bugs.debian.org/512277, seems easy enough to patch.  I'll have a
>>look when my busy schedule permits.
> This looks like it. By all means, do this when you have got time,
> as m68k certainly is no priority architecture, but it’d be nice to
> have the patches included in subsequent uploads, so we don’t lose
> what we gained already.

OK, I've applied your patches and am building now on amd64.  I will wait
for 4.6.3-1 to reach testing (in another 4 days) before I upload.  In
the mean time, you may want to start a rebuild on m68k to see if I've
applied your patches correctly.  The packaging is in monotone, with a
web front-end allowing to download a tarball of any revision:


Revision 9599c39d1e0b440a9dbf23598248fbd4f722f6b8 should be OK, I hope.

Ludovic Brenta.

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