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Re: RFS: dbusada

Reto Buerki wrote:
* Build-Depend on gnat in addition to gnat-4.6

I don't exactly understand the rationale for this rule. In contrast to other packages the gnatgcc command is not needed to build dbusada. And I explicitly Build-Depend on the upcoming default compiler gnat-4.6 so ABI
compatibility to other Ada packages is guaranteed.

In section 4:

"Rule: Package ‘gnat’ is the default Ada compiler for Debian. All packages
containing Ada programs or libraries SHALL use this compiler."

This rule makes it explicit that the package 'gnat-4.6' is NOT the default
Ada compiler; the package 'gnat' is.

And in 5.2.1:

"Rule: the -dev package SHALL Depend: on the packages gnat and gnat-X.Y.

Rationale: depending on both packages ensures that only the default Ada
compiler can be used to build programs depending on the library, pursuant
to The Debian Ada compiler."

Ludovic Brenta.

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