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Re: system-wide gpr files live in /usr/share but mention an arch-dependant path

Nicolas Boulenguez wrote:
> The debian-ada-policy says that the libfoo package should provide the
> /usr/share/ada/adainclude/foo.gpr GNAT project file, mentioning the
> right path to Library_Dir and Library_ALI_Dir. These path depend on
> the current architecture (/usr/lib/DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH and
> /usr/lib/DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH/ada/adalib).
> The content of the gpr file should not depend on the architecture,
> because it lives in /usr/share.
> I guess we will have to change the policy, and set the default search
> path for gpr files to something like
> /usr/share/ada/adainclude (for compatibility)
> /usr/lib/DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH/ada/gnat_projects
> Any ideas?

I faced the same problem in Fedora. I considered making architecture-dependent 
variants of all project files, but I found that approach to be problematic. The 
project search path would have to depend not on the host architecture but on 
the target architecture. Defining the search path when compiling the Gnat tools 
wouldn't suffice, because the very same compiler binary can be used to compile 
both 32-bit and 64-bit programs, so it would be necessary to use different 
search paths in different invocations of the builder.

My solution was to keep the project files architecture-independent, and make 
them point to different library directories depending on the environment. All 
Gnat project files that are packaged in Fedora are patched to import a file 
named directories.gpr. This file defines a variable named Libdir, which the 
project files use in defining Library_Dir and Library_ALI_Dir, for example like 

for Library_Dir use Directories.Libdir;
for Library_ALI_Dir use Directories.Libdir & "/example_library";

The value of Libdir depends on an environment variable named 
HARDWARE_PLATFORM, which in turn gets its value from the command "uname -i", 
so that it changes accordingly if the command "setarch" is used. Thus the same 
project file will point to libraries in either /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 depending 
on the current architecture. HARDWARE_PLATFORM can also be overridden with a 
command line parameter if needed.

Having introduced a common, distribution-provided Gnat project file, I realized 
that it was also useful for other purposes. By defining Includedir in the 
common file I could get rid of all hard-coded directory names in project files. 
That's why I decided to call it directories.gpr. If we were to change the 
locations of Ada libraries in Fedora we would only need to edit the RPM spec 
file that configures directories.gpr, and then just rebuild the packages. I also 
defined Bindir and Libexecdir for good measure. You can see the template here:


If Debian would adopt this approach it might become possible for project files 
to look exactly the same in Debian and Fedora. Each distribution would have 
its own directories.gpr, but all other project files would just import 
directories.gpr and use the variables the same way in both distributions.


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