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Re: Porting to PolyORB, compilation problems

Dr. Adrian Wrigley wrote:
> [...] The application uses GtkAda and Glade (GUI).  It does not use
> files, but uses a simple compilation script.
> When compiling code with GtkAda, it seems to compile all the GtkAda
> into the dsa build directory each time.  I do not expect this!  The good
> is that the code that I can build mostly works OK.
> Have I missed out an essential step?

I'll let Xavier and Reto comment on the PolyORB part but, generally, I
think you should use project files.  Among other benefits that will
automatically prevent recompiling GtkAda into your application.

Has anyone else on this list ever used PolyORB and GtkAda in the same
Have you found any problems?

> PS: Well done everyone on the official release of Squeeze today!

Thanks! We did celebrate at the Adaists Dinner at FOSDEM on Saturday
evening :)

Ludovic Brenta.

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