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Porting to PolyORB, compilation problems

Hi guys!

It's been a long time since I was last seeking your help - thanks to Ada reliability(tm).
But it has come time to modernize and fix a few issues.

I've just been attempting to upgrade my software systems to Squeeze from
Gnat 3.4.6 and GLADE to Gnat 4.4.5 and PolyORB.  A few problems have arisen.
The machine is amd64.  One partition runs under a 32-bit chroot.
The application uses GtkAda and Glade (GUI).  It does not use project files,
but uses a simple compilation script.

I begin by installing the tools:
# aptitude install gnat libgtkada-glade2.14.2 libgtkada-gl2.14.2 libgtkada2-bin libgtkada2-doc libgtkada2.14.2 libgtkada2.14.2-dbg libgtkada2.14.2-dev libpolyorb2 polyorb-servers libpolyorb1-dev libpolyorb-dbg polyorb-doc

gnatmake tells me it it 4.4.5.  PolyORB packages are 2.6.0~20090423-10
I don't have the old compiler on my PATH.

I then try compiling one of the partitions:

$ po_gnatdist  dist.cfg mytrack_getquote_client  -largs map.o -ldl
<lots of lines of output, including a Configuration Report here>
gnatbind -I/data/woz_home/amtw/projects/trading-gnat4.4/monkeys//dsa/partitions/dist/mytrack_getquote_client -aO/data/woz_home/amtw/projects/trading-gnat4.4/monkeys//dsa/stubs -I/data/woz_home/amtw/projects/trading-gnat4.4/monkeys//. -aI/usr/share/ada/adainclude/polyorb -aO/usr/lib/ada/adalib/polyorb -aO/usr/lib/ada/adalib/polyorb -I- -x /data/woz_home/amtw/projects/trading-gnat4.4/monkeys/dsa/partitions/dist/mytrack_getquote_client/partition.ali
error: "polyorb-dsa_p-partitions.ali" not found, "polyorb-dsa_p-partitions.adb" must be compiled
gnatmake: *** bind failed.

What is the problem here? Do I have to use gnatmake to compile these system files?
When I do this, I get further, but then get bind errors like:

error: "displaydata.adb" must be recompiled ("s-parint.ads" has been modified)
error: "tradesdk.adb" must be recompiled ("s-dsaser.ads" has been modified)
error: "tradesdk-flexsdk.adb" must be recompiled ("s-dsaser.ads" has been modified)
gnatmake: *** bind failed.

When compiling code with GtkAda, it seems to compile all the GtkAda files into the
dsa build directory each time.  I do not expect this!  The good news is that the code
that I can build mostly works OK.

Have I missed out an essential step?

Thanks for any guidance!

Dr. Adrian Wrigley,

PS: Well done everyone on the official release of Squeeze today!

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