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Audio On Debian

Hi All,
I'm having an odd audio issue on my Asus 701 netbook.
It's running Debian Bullseye and it's an x86 processor.
I haven't tried yet to get a desktop installed, because the internal SSD is 
only 4GB, although I did put in a 2GB stick of RAM.
So I'm running Speakup with the eSpeak-ng by default, and the TTS is coming 
through its speakers okay.
Today I finally got Voxin ibmtts installed, I was having problems with voxin 
3.3rc5, until Oralux informed me that although they are planning on 
installing 32 bit into the 3X voxins, at this time, only the 2X versions can 
be run on a 32 bit machine.
So I installed Voxin-2.2, but speech dispatcher and or pulseaudio isn't 
When I first had troubles with Voxin, I installed speech-dispatcher with apt 
install, but I still don't know if pulseaudio is installed.
If I do a speaker-test, I hear no sound.
When I first ran spd-conf, it was not installed.
I learned from another list that python3-speechd had to be installed, so I 
did that.
Then I was able to run spd-conf.
I tried both ibmtts and voxin in the synth choice and I tried pulse and alsa 
in the output choices when running spd-conf.
spd-say -O reports espeak-ng and -L lists no voices.
But as I mentioned, it's odd that speakup can use eSpeak through the 
speakers, but no other audio works, which may be why voxin is not working.
I'm hoping someone has an idea so I can use Voxin.



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