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Re: Which softwares to install ?


john doe, le sam. 16 juil. 2022 19:42:46 +0200, a ecrit:
> On 7/15/2022 10:27 PM, LibreFaso wrote:
> > Ok, so I installed a few laptops.
> > 
> > But I notice that neither Grub not the login page seem to be accessible, that may be a problem if the kids are to use the computers alone.
> > 
> > Is there a solution to that problem ?
> Grub is not accessible

Indeed, grub is not accessible. See


> but what logging page are you talking about?

I guess he means the lightdm login page?  Normally if the system was
installed with speech/braille enabled, orca is enabled on the login page
as well. Otherwise IIRC lightdm has a shortcut to start orca.


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