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Re: pinfo replaced info-stnd

>>>>> "Jude" == Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@panix.com> writes:

    Jude> So far as I can tell in debian-bullseye pinfo is unuseable
    Jude> with screen readers.  You can listen to the beginning of any
    Jude> info file but try to review the screen or take any action with
    Jude> the cursor after the initial read and you'll find a blank
    Jude> screen.

I get much better success than you appear to with emacspeak terminal
mode and with gnome-terminal under Orca, the two screen readers I
commonly use in Debian.

Pinfo does appear to  kind of suck--it doesn't appear to have tab
completion on menu entries in the directory node, and I wish it left the
cursor somewhere more useful than it does.
But it appears slightly more useful to me in my environment than reading
docs with less, something I do all the time.

I definitely don't see the blank screen you're talking about.
I do sometimes see an empty screen with  something like Reading line
26/26 at the bottom, meaning that all the content has scrolled off the
That doesn't sound like an accessibility problem so much as UI choices
that could be improved.

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