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On braille and sound

To D.J.J. Ring
Hi David
I can get braille to work a little. I found in Orca preference the braille selection.
I selected the contracted braille and the en-ueb-g2 table. It seems to work my user account.
I tried the braille command space+1234 and I don’t get any reaction. This is true of all the braille commands I issued. What am I to expect?
I am 81, and I don’t have much experience with Debian. I can use the iPad and MacBook quite comfortably. So that I hope explains my ignorance of the Linux system. As you can imagine I am fairly slow to get a new system.
As to the sound problem, I have downloaded speechd-up onto my machine. It lis fairly old but it has 8 gigs of memory and two terabytes of disk storage. So it’s capable of running Debian.
I still get no sound in the virtual consoles space. I think it is a problem in kernel space, it’s not loaded there.
I don’t know where to go from here.
Thanks for all your help!

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