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Re: building the android open source project on debian with accessibility tools

Hi, I managed to get script running by running it before using the source command and have attached the txt.gz file to this message so someone can look at it and let me know what packages are not installed or setup properly.  Nick Gawronski

On 3/29/2022 10:59 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

Nick Gawronski wrote:
I am not totally sure as to how to capture these errors as they happen
as once in the build environment by using source build/envsetup.sh the
script command does not work
How does it not work? Does it output an error message? Does it not
capture anything?

script definitely is the simplest way to go and is supposed to be
working, if it doesn't work it's either a bug or some usage error that
can be fixed.

I am also wondering if there could be an accessibility issue on the
Google pages for building the android source code that I am not aware of.
I don't see how that is related to accessibility actually?


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