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building the android open source project on debian with accessibility tools

Hi, I am trying to build the android open source project and have everything installed as the pages say about setting up a build environment. The pages mainly talk about ubuntu as this is what Google uses to build android so that is the operating system they suggest. Most of the packages exist in debianbut I think a lot of them are listed as something else or no longer around in debian. When the builds fail they have lots of errors so I am not totally sure as to how to capture these errors as they happen as once in the build environment by using source build/envsetup.sh the script command does not work so if there is another way to get these errors logd that would be nice. I am also wondering if there could be an accessibility issue on the Google pages for building the android source code that I am not aware of. What is the best way to get these errors to people who can look at them and let me know what is going on and how to fix them? Nick Gawronski

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