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Re: Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)?

On 28/3/22 13:57, Samuel Thibault wrote:
I don't know about VPAT, but since Ubuntu has one, I guess Debian can
have one, it'd be a matter of somebody having a look at it.
The latest version of the VPAT allows for reporting of conformance to both U.S. and E.U. accessibility standards.


Writing one for any Linux distribution would be an enormous undertaking, given the number of packages involved. A Linux distribution, as is well known in the community, includes an abundance of application software in addition to operating system components. If everything that provides a user interface would need to be evaluated for purposes of the report, then it's an extraordinary task.

I suppose one could write a VPAT for each desktop environment (also a large task) and one for each application.

I think this is probably best left to commercial distributors who are selling Linux-based systems to clients such as public-sector entities that require VPAT documentation.

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