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Re: Bug#1007106: reportbug: please make the meaning of the a11y tag clearer

On 3/14/22, john doe <johndoe65534@mail.com> wrote:
> On 3/14/2022 12:53 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Simon McVittie wrote:
>>> Can anyone suggest a wording that makes the intention of the tag
>>> clearer,
>>> without "othering" the people who particularly need bugs with this tag
>>> to
>>> be fixed? I've cc'd debian-accessibility in the hope that someone on
>>> that
>>> list has a better idea.
>> Thanks for the notice!
>>> 1 a11y      This bug is relevant to the accessibility of the package.
>> Perhaps simply adding
>> 1 a11y      This bug is relevant to the accessibility of the package for
>> disabled users.
>> ?
>> Or rephrasing to make it shorter:
>> 1 a11y      This bug affects disabled users.
> Or an alternative:
> 1 a11y      This tag refers to peoples with disabilities
> Would be nice if native English speakers could help properly phrasing
> this! :)

... affects people with disabilities.

... affects users with disabilities.

It's called "person (or people) first language" where self-advocates
ask to be recognized first before their disability. Dear friends in
Atlanta, Georgia, and elsewhere were instrumental in helping it gain
traction exactly when the following acknowledges as a date of


And I just learned something new k/t this thread. There is also
"identity first language" that understandably evolved as a result:


My takeaway is "users with disabilities" remains an accepted,
respectful umbrella for all disabilities. If this was only about one
specific disability, there may be an alternative that each disability
has voiced is preferable to them.

Of note: There are times when it's tough to fulfill "person first"
fully due to the limitations of e.g. social media's occasional
280-character limitations per post.

Cindy :)
* runs with birdseed *

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