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Re: Bug#1007106: reportbug: please make the meaning of the a11y tag clearer

On 3/14/2022 12:53 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

Simon McVittie wrote:
For instance, the bug that prompted me to open this one is a deadlock (or
something) in interacting with Pipewire's PulseAudio-compatible server,
which makes the game Minetest (among others) take a long time to start
and have no sound. That certainly makes it hard to access normal
functionality of minetest, but it doesn't seem like a bug that needs
particular attention from accessibility experts...

Oops, indeed!

Can anyone suggest a wording that makes the intention of the tag clearer,
without "othering" the people who particularly need bugs with this tag to
be fixed? I've cc'd debian-accessibility in the hope that someone on that
list has a better idea.

Thanks for the notice!

1 a11y      This bug is relevant to the accessibility of the package.

Perhaps simply adding

1 a11y      This bug is relevant to the accessibility of the package for disabled users.


Or rephrasing to make it shorter:

1 a11y      This bug affects disabled users.

Or an alternative:

1 a11y      This tag refers to peoples with disabilities

Would be nice if native English speakers could help properly phrasing
this! :)

John Doe

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