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Re: Iggdrasill, a new amazing screen reader

Yes Sébastien! You're right!

I've reported the sound during the installation and I'm speaking to someone, but I think there is a problem that will not be detected by the normal log file reporting system.

I'm trying to tell them that since the installation is successful, those logs won't be as successful as obtaining logs DURING the installation, at the very beginning when soundcard is being detected. The installation succeeds but it is not accessible by screen reader during installation.

I remember someone told me on this list or the SLINT list told me of a advanced menu that is available after networking is up and connected to Internet which could be accessed by a series of keystrokes, but I forget where this is possible and how to access that menu.  I believe it is at the period where software selection is made. I just accepted the default selections.

Also, Sébastien, what is the sound system of the default system? Is it Pulse?  If so isn't pulse installed over ALSA, also I remember there is another intermediate system, is it OSS, do report the problem to multiple Debian lists?  I have only used reportbug  and sent a post installation using mutt. This worked as I received an acknowledgement. Back in August 2020 when I first had this problem I only tried to send to irc to various Debian groups using the forgotten feature I mentioned above but no one was on the IRC but I sent the URL of the pastebin. 

Your help in this is appreciated.


On Mon, Jan 3, 2022, 06:51 Sébastien Hinderer <Sebastien.Hinderer@ens-lyon.org> wrote:
Hi again David,

My understanding is that there are two distinct problems: sound during
installation and sound after installation.

I think the first problem should be reported as a bug agains the debian
installer, if that has not been done yet.

Regarding the second problem, what needs to be done to fix it certainly
depends on which sound system you are using, e.g. pulseaudio, jack,
pipewire, to mention just a few among many options.

Best wishes,


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