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Re: Iggdrasill, a new amazing screen reader

On Mon, Jan 3, 2022, 02:56 Sébastien Hinderer <Sebastien.Hinderer@ens-lyon.org> wrote:
Hello David, all,

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. (2021/12/29 21:07 -0500):
> I love Debian but right now I cannot get the latest Debian to install
> correctly, alas.

Why? Did you report the problem?


Yes, the installer fails to speak from just before it searches for my sound card, and continues not to speak until the system is rebooted. I finish the installation by using a hand held magnifier on the screen.

After reboot, espeak is in the console and orca in the graphical environment.

I still have sound problems with playing music from browser. I have two sound cards, the first one recognized is digital output which I do not use, the second one is analog which I use. in the mixer, the analog audio card is greyed out and not unselectable.  I have tried to modify /etc/asound.conf to reverse the order, but it doesn't help or I did it wrong. Debian Buster had no such problems, everything just worked; the installer had sound in console, the browser had sound.

Do I gain anything by installing a new release or if I have /etc/apt/sources.list set to "stable" will I end up with the new release? 

It seems a better way for me is to put back Buster release and just get the new files as they get sent out on the repository.

Thanks for asking, I've put in a bug report, I understand that work is being done on the sound problems.

I just cannot understand why Buster installer worked perfectly and now the installer is having problems giving sound during installation.  Also after installation, I didn't have the problem with my needed analog sound card being greyed out when I ran Buster.



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