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Re: Tutorial wasRe: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

While I think, "if the user chooses to install a desktop environment
during installation, it should come up automatically at boot" is a
reasonable default, I agree there should probably be an option in the
installer to make console login the default boot option, and if it
already exists in the expert mode, to migrate it to the standard
installer... And if the user installs multiple desktop environments,
there should probably be an option to pick which one comes up by
default, including a "none" option.

Also, a question of mailing list etiquette: Since Gmail and how this
list is configured forces me to manually edit the to field anyways
because the only reply to option are either the last respondent or
everyone in the coversation, with no "just the list" option, the
thought of adding Debian-boot to the to field crossed my mind, but I'm
not sure if bringing in another mailing list in the middle of a
conversation like that would be considered rude.

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