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RE: Iggdrasill, a new amazing screen reader

When it comes to accessible desktop environments, XFC is quite accessible, In fact, you can easily use FCE desktop environment with screen readers, especially orca, It's just a shame that distributions featuring the desktop environment don't come with it. , otherwise the MATE desktop environments could too.
From: Jeffery Mewtamer <mewtamer@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2021 11:58:48 PM
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Subject: Re: Iggdrasill, a new amazing screen reader
You know, some of us actually prefer the console to running resource
intensive desktop environments and graphical applications, and since
Orca only works in the GUI, console screen readers are a necessity for
those who need a screen reader and choose to live in the console.
Plus, a console screen reader can make the difference between being
able to fix a system with a broken GUI and being forced to do a clean

If you're happy in the GUI, good for you, but I would be far less
productive if I didn't have a console screen reader and had to do
everything in the GUI, and if I ever found a console web browser I
liked half as much as Firefox, I'd ditch the GUI and Orca altogether.

As for why x distro exists, it's usually because someone wanted to do
things a bit different from other offerings and decided to share it.
The results aren't always suitable to anyone else's needs or wants,
and they aren't always polished, but anyone with the know how and the
ability to share large files being able to share their own custom
version is just part of how FOSS works... and in all fairness, what
some people want from Linux is an experience as similar to their
favorite version of windows as they can get because they're fed up
with Microsoft changing everything with each major release. Hell, back
when I could see, part of the reason I switched to LXDE was because it
gave me the most Win9x-like look and feel while still having the
greater stability of Linux and the ability to run current software.
And while I can't really comment on any of the anamed distros since
I've never used any of them, I'm sure they all have their fans, and
their opinions are just as valid as those who prefer Debian.

Also, complaining about some software not getting updates and other
software getting too many updates seems like a bit of a contradiction.

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