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Re: One of the latest Debian update broke speech output :-(

On Wed, Dec 29, 2021 at 10:32:50AM +0100, Christian Schoepplein wrote:
>Am 29.12.2021 um 09:30 schrieb Christian Schoepplein:
>> one of the latest updates for my system, latest Debian Bullseye,  broke
>> speech output on my system. I do have the normal Debian repos activated,
>> aditionaly I am using debian backports. Yesterday everything was fine but
>> today there is no more speech output for a normal user and I ha ve not
>> rebooted my systems.
>May it be that something has changed for brltty-speechd, speech-dispatcher
>and atspi?
>I am using the brltty-speechd module and if I open up brltty preferences menu
>I am seeing a new submenu for automated speech which IIRC was not
>there before...
>However, automated speech is enabled for brltty and all other settings
>releated to speech are also looking OK for me, but maybe this is something
>new and is releated to my problem.
>The Bullseye updates from yes terday contained new packages for
>speech-dispatcher, orca and so on, seems like there is something problema tic
>with them for my sys tem :-(.

OK. I did an

apt -t bullseye-backports reinstall brltty-speechd

After this command brltty is restarted and speech is back for a normal user 
and also root on the console.

However, rebooting the system results again in an environment without speech 
until I reinstall the package again...

Any ideas?

Cheers and thanks for your support,


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