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Re: One of the latest Debian update broke speech output :-(

Am 29.12.2021 um 09:30 schrieb Christian Schoepplein:

one of the latest updates for my system, latest Debian Bullseye,  broke speech output on my system. I do have the normal Debian repos activated, aditionaly I am using debian backports. Yesterday everything was fine but today there is no more speech output for a normal user and I ha ve not rebooted my systems.

May it be that something has changed for brltty-speechd, speech-dispatcher and atspi?

I am using the brltty-speechd module and if I open up brltty preferences menu I am seeing a new submenu for automated speech which IIRC was not
there before...

However, automated speech is enabled for brltty and all other settings releated to speech are also looking OK for me, but maybe this is something new and is releated to my problem.

The Bullseye updates from yes terday contained new packages for speech-dispatcher, orca and so on, seems like there is something problema tic with them for my sys tem :-(.



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