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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

Le 12/12/2021 à 16:21, Michael A Ray a écrit :
> Orca is never going to adequately cover any application that is not a GTK
> application.

Never? Qt applications are already covered and as I have heard that there have
been progress wrt accessibility of some KDE apps in recent versions, using KDE
Framework 5 and Qt5. I will check as soon as I can.

> 1. Somebody needs to fix the bug in the sd_espeak module of speech-dispatcher so
> that it does not unload itself randomly. This will make it possible to choose
> espeak and not pulse, and still get reliable stability.

I concur to what Samuel said: not properly reported bugs will not be fixed.

To report a bug in speech-dispatcher you can use the mailing list:
of file an issue in GitHGub:

To report a bug an orca:
or on GitLab:

Also I am not sure to understand what you mean writing that "the sd_espeak
module of speech-dispatcher so that it does not unload itself randomly" Can you
please elaborate? If it is that you have issues switching from a speech
synthesizer to another one in the Voices tab of the Screen Reader Preferences
window of Orca, well not here and not yet reported by a Slint user or elsewhere
that I am aware of.

Then, what does mean "make it possible to choose espeak and not pulse"? Do you
mean that you suggest to get rid of the features of Speech Dispatcher and let
orca implement them internally? If so, good luck to find someone to do it (and
what would be the benefit?).

> 2. There need to be alternative "factories" chooseable under the Orca settings.
> Currently speech-dispatcher is it.

By factory I assume that you mean a speech system, linking screen readers,
speech synthesizers and apps processing the audio as does Speech Dispatcher.

I am not aware of any other available for Linux than Speech Dispatcher doing
that. Further, as for desktops maybe it would be better to enhance what exists
than reinvent the wheel?


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