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Re: Debian 11 unofficial firmware first installation

I don't think I've ever done an install of Debian with either Gnome or
Mate, but considering those are, best I can tell, two of the three
most popular desktop environments among mainstream Linux users(KDE
being the third), I find it hard to believe that something as big as
an endless loop of trying to log-in, crashing, and being booted back
to the log-in screen would go unfixed pre-release if it were a common
problem... combined with having no idea how common having multiple
sound cards is, it makes me wonder how much of the problem is genuine
buggieness on Bulls-eye's part and how much is due to unusual hardware

Kind of want to try out the new release to find out if I encounter
similar problems, but I don't want to risk my main system, don't have
a spare hard drive I could swap out for experimentation, and if memory
serves, the last time I tried hooking up the closest thing I have to a
backup machine, it wouldn't boot at all.

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