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Re: Debian 11 unofficial firmware first installation


Giving a general answer first.

First, only reported issues can be fixed.

Then, when an issue is reported very late in the release process it's
really difficult to fix it, or stop the release because of it. We cannot
halt the world just because on some hardware there are driver issues.

It happens that for the reports that were received, I couldn't reproduce
them. I'm afraid I don't have a cristal ball, so I cannot fix bugs that
I cannot reproduce.

That is why we need testing as early as possible, to have the time
to iterate over the discovered issues. Alpha versions of the Debian
installer were released one after the other in the past coupe of years,
and the debian-boot team took care of notifying debian-accessibility,
*precisely* to have people test them early, so that issues can be
detected early enough to be able to fix them.


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