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Re: Intel-Atom N270 processor question

According to Intel:
the Intel Atom N270 is a 32 bit-only processor. That means you should
go for the i386 architecture. For example you could download from:

Kind regard

Ole Guldberg
On Wed, 2021-08-18 at 08:32 -0400, Jason White wrote:
> Larry Honaker <kc8pdx@outlook.com> wrote:
> > As the subject indicates I have an old Netbook computer which I would
> > like to > experiment with as my first real attempt at a Debian
> > install. Where does the > Intel-Atom processor fit in the various
> > possible install configurations?
> So far as I know, it's simply an x86-64 CPU, so one of the x86-64
> installation environments should be fine. Apparently there are
> unofficial images carrying additional, non-free firmware needed by some
> laptops for the installation, so that's probably the best starting
> point.

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