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Re: Report on Latest Testing (Bullseys) Weekly Build

MATE accepts my password for my username, but goes into an infinite loop after I log in and puts me back to log in screen on lightdm.

If I log in using root and use "systemctl stop lightdm" and systemctl disable lightdm", I can log in to Debian Bullseye because there is no graphic interface running.

I don't remember specifically if I could log in, with the text log in, then try "startx" but I'm sure I did, but I'm making a note to try this again, because I am going to run "journalctl -f" in another console when attempting to log in.

I do remember changing the password to the "real" user password, it made no difference, next boot, the situation was still the same.

More later.


On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 8:20 PM Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> wrote:
D.J.J. Ring, Jr. <n1ea@arrl.net> wrote:
> When booting after installation it is IMPOSSIBLE to log in using your
> username.

Did you try setting the password again (while logged in as root)?

Also run journalctl -f in another console while attempting to log in,
and check any log entries that are created. These will probably give
clues as to the issue.

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