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Re: Logs from Failed Bullseye RC3 Netinstall CD Accessible installation

Hi David,

On 15-08-2021 13:03, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:
> It's awfully quiet here.>
> I have the log files of unsuccessful installation of my Bullseye AMD64
> RC Netinstall CD here:
> http://qsl.net/n1ea/bullseyerc3netinstall.tar.gz
> <http://qsl.net/n1ea/bullseyerc3netinstall.tar.gz>
> Thanks to Jude for replying to my previous posts, otherwise I thought
> the list was malfunctioning.

I'm not able to be very much useful myself, I mentioned this thread on
#debian-cd yesterday and hope somebody can pick it up.


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