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Re: Screen Reader

If you're planning to run Debian, then Orca would be your best option. It's reliable for Web browsing, in my experience.

The other possibility that you might be able to run under Linux is ChromeVox (the new version, not the now obsolete browser extension). The new version requires you to build Chromium from source with various options specified, as though you were compiling for Chrome OS.

It obviously isn't packaged for Debian, although I suppose it could be in principle.

On 30/7/21 3:05 pm, Ahmed Hassan wrote:
Well, a list of screen readers:
Voiceover (apple operating systems: ios, macos ETC)
Orca (linux screen reader)
NVDA (windows screen reader: free)
JAWS (windows screen reader: paid but has a free trial)
Kind regards: Ahmed

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