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Re: [BRLTTY] 6.2 has been released.


brltty 6.2 has landed in unstable :)


Dave Mielke, le mer. 23 déc. 2020 08:11:31 -0500, a ecrit:
> Release 6.2 of brltty has been released. A summary of it's most important
> changes is as follows:
> General changes:
>    Problems related to the system waking up from suspend have been resolved.
>    The format of the DESCCHAR command's output has been improved.
>    The representation of any Unicode braille pattern can now be overridden.
>    Prompt patterns no longer fall back to the default algorithm.
>    The +route modifier now works for block commands.
>    The Scroll-aware Cursor Navigation preference has been added.
>    The Start Selection with Routing Key preference has been added.
>    The Frank Audiodata braille device is now supported.
>    The Java bindings have been significantly enhanced.
> Alva braille driver changes:
>    Satellite models:
>       The Left/Right pads have been respectively renamed to Speech/Nav.
>       The CLIP_COPY and CLIP_APPEND commands have been bound.
> Hedo braille driver changes:
>    Detection of The MobilLine model via USB has been improved.
> Seika braille driver changes:
>    The left space bar has been remapped to being the Meta (left alt) key.
> XWindow braille driver changes:
>    X clipboard support has been added.
> AtSpi2 screen driver changes:
>    Cursor routing problems have been resolved.
> BrlAPI changes:
>    The version is now 0.8.1 (it was 0.8.0).
>    A problem with reading raw keycodes has been fixed.
>    The server now also listens for localhost connections via IPV6.
>    Byte reordering is now done for watched parameter values.
>    Setting the computer braille cell size is no longer strict.
>    Reading the RENDERED_CELLS parameter now works.
>    These have been added for getting the underlying file descriptor:
>       brlapi_getFileDescriptor()
>       brlapi__getFileDescriptor(handle)
>    These parameters have been renamed:
>    And their corresponding parameter types have also been renamed:
>       brlapi_param_commandCode_t      -> brlapi_param_commandKeycode_t
>       brlapi_param_commandShortName_t -> brlapi_param_commandKeycodeName_t
>       brlapi_param_commandLongName_t  -> brlapi_param_commandKeycodeSummary_t
>       brlapi_param_keyCode_t          -> brlapi_param_driverKeycode_t
>       brlapi_param_keyShortName_t     -> brlapi_param_driverKeycodeName_t
>       brlapi_param_keyLongName_t      -> brlapi_param_driverKeycodeSummary_t
> Linux security enhancements:
>    BRLTTY can now run as an unprivileged user.
>    Some namespaces are now being isolated.
>    A system call filter can be enabled.
>    The --privilege-parameters command line option has been added.
>    The privilege-parameters configuration file directive has been added.
>    The --with-privilege-parameters configure option has been added.
>    Full details in README.Linux (online at http://brltty.app/doc/Linux.html).
> Android changes:
>    Finding user customization files in /sdcard/brltty/ has bee fixed.
>    Text selection and host clipboard interactions have been implemented.
>    The screen element ordering algorithm has been improved.
>    Speech tracking has been implemented.
>    Commands for each of the global actions have been added.
>    Global actions can now also be performed via chords.
>    Global actions for moving to the first/last screen element have been added.
>    Navigation among the visible screen windows is now supported.
>    A global action to show the window title has been added.
>    A global action to show various device status indicators has been added.
>    Support for structural web page navigation has been added.
> Systemd management changes:
>    The brltty-device@.service instance unit has been added.
>    BRLTTY is now run as an unprivileged user with perks.
>    The BRLTTY instance is now stopped correctly on USB disconnect.
>    A USB device management problem introduced in Systemd 247 has been fixed.
>    BRLTTY's needed directories are now created (if necessary).
>    The brlapi group is now assumed (e.g. for /etc/brlapi.key ownership).
> Upstart udev rules changes:
>    The initctl command (rather than start and stop) is now used.
>    The --quiet and --no-wait options are now used.
>    The udev rules now restart the job on connect if it's already running.
> Polkit changes:
>    Members of the brlapi group are now authorized.
>    The rules/actions can now be (un)installed via the Polkit make file.
> Command installation changes:
>    The brltty-config script has been renamed to brltty-config.sh.
>    The brltty-prologue.sh script is now installed.
>    The brltty-genkey script is now installed.
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