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Re: Enabling jaw (Java-atk-wrapper) by default ? (Bug#900912)

Hi doko,

On 07-04-2019 12:08, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> I disagree.  I'll do the next upload with Samuel's proposed patches, not
>> enabling that by default, together with the planned security update.  Then
>> people can start testing if the wrapper works.
> Well, I'm afraid that what will happen is that the people who will
> test will simply find out that it just works for them (just like it
> does already for them with openjdk-8) ; will we then conclude near the
> release that it should be enabled by default for Buster, and then be hit
> by the much wider exposition to jaw?
> If on the contrary we enable it by default during the freeze, we will
> have *way* more testing coverage, and thus be much more confident with
> keeping it enabled by default in Buster if we don't see bug reports.

Although I agree with Samuel here, can we please-pretty-please get an
upload even if you don't enable it, such that we can get this story into


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