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Re: index braille embosser

Keith Barrett, le dim. 07 avril 2019 23:37:28 +0100, a ecrit:
> 1  When setting the top margin in cups, it seems to be ignored or
> inaccurate.  I have it set to 1 inch

The margin is in number of lines, not inches.

> 2  Line length seems to be inconsistent.  I have compared a braille document
> embossed on a pc running windows and duxbery embossing software and the line
> length appears to be 42 characters including spaces.
> On cups, the line length is 38 characters and the remainder are transposed
> to the next line so we have a line with 38 characters and the following line
> has 4 to 5 characters and so on.  The lines break in the middle of a word

Does the original text file have 42-character lines, or more? Note that
the left/right margin takes effect there. Emitting a .brf file as I
mentioned previously would allow to know what comes from the software
translation and what comes from the embosser processing.

> 3 As far as I can gather, changing the paper size in cups does not affect
> the line length.

Well, it should.

Enabling debugging in cups would help to allow to determine what is
going on there.

> The file I am testing with was created in libre office and saved as a plain
> text file.

If you could just post that file we would have a much more precise idea
of what you are giving to cups.


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