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Emacs and Emacspeak and New Debian Stable


There have been some wonderful improvements in emacspeak / emacs.

One is that new features in allowing text users to access BARD NLS talking books web site.

The only text browser that can do this outside of emacspeak with eww is lynx and for some reason it is difficult to do, either the links don't open right away or other problem happens.

But when lynx works easily, text users can download their talking books.  

But the problem is that emacspeak is really behind the time in Debian.  The version of emacspeak that supports NLS BARD downloads requires emacs 26.0 and that hasn't reached Debian yet (I don't think).

I for one have also had great difficulty installing emacs 26 from source because of impossible to resolve package dependencies.

emacspeak is a valuable package for text users.

I also wish NLS would work with the lynx developer and make sure that at least one text browser would work for their web site, elinks, links and w3m don't work at all.

Best wishes,
David Ring

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