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Re: Linux 9 stretch What to do about reviving speakup?

Hello Kirk,

Could you please check that version 1:0.80-14 fixes the issue?
It does work in my tests, by as history has shown, my tests are usually
not enough, and real tests by an actual users is needed to make really
sure the issue is gone.

Debian is getting frozen, if people want the fix in, they need to check
that it does work.


Samuel Thibault, le ven. 29 mars 2019 18:31:44 +0100, a ecrit:
> Samuel Thibault, le ven. 29 mars 2019 17:21:51 +0100, a ecrit:
> > Thanks for it!  I'll fix that for Buster. Unfortunately the next upgrade
> > will again have the issue, since it's the prerm script which stops
> > espeakup. But the upgrade after that (or a reinstall) should be fine.
> Could you try to install version 1:0.80-14 from 
> deb http://incoming.debian.org/debian-buildd buildd-unstable main contrib non-free
> The upgrade should still have the issue, but if you re-install with
> --reinstall you shouldn't have the issue any more.
> Samuel

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