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Re: loss of speech in speakup when switching between console and gui


On 02/11/2018 01:42, Samuel Thibault wrote:

>> But these changes were not sufficient to solve the issue so I had a look at the
>> speakup Debian package. Seeing the aforementioned patch I thought that it could
>> cause the issue. To check I just replaced /usr/bin/espeakup by the binary
>> shipped in Slint and it worked.
> Ok, so somehow espeakup doesn't manage to take the ALSA card again once
> pulseaudio is started in X?  It'd be interesting to check with the patch
> (i.e. the Debian binary)
> - whether starting espeakup only after running pulseaudio in X works (in
>   which case it's the espeakup resume which fails).
> - a backtrace of espeakup when it failed to resume, i.e. attach a gdb to
>   it and run thread apply all bt full. One such kind of trace was posted
>   on http://linux-speakup.org/pipermail/speakup/2018-October/061491.html
>   I haven't found the time to really look at it yet, various things have
>   kept popping up.

To check, I applied the Debian patch audio-pause against espeakup-0.80
in Slint, rebuilt and installed a package repkacing the previously
installed one.

I observed in Slint the same behavior as in Debian: no speech from
espeak when going back to console mode from graphical mode.

All was correct again installing back the previous package, without the patch.

Looks like a confirmation, I think.

>> Oh, and I almost forgot: with the patch when rebooting from Mate the system
>> didn't halt but was stuck with this message (from systemd, I assume):
>> As stop job is running for Software speech output for Speakup
>> This do not happens anymore after having replaced the espeakup binary by the one
>> shipped in Slint.
> That's an interesting point indeed, it really sounds like the daemon is
> getting stuck somehow.

I couldn't check that in Slint because we don't use systemd.


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