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CLI for Blind Users Who Want Keyboard Focus

Some blind people really like keyboard because it's easier than "Pin
the Mouse on the Screen" game on the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Many use emac with emacspeak.  Emacspeak really focuses the speech by
just saying what is needed but if you already have espeak running, it
speaks twice.

In the Accessible Setup in Debian, I wish to suggest that a selection
for "CLI Desktop" with text browsers, command line utilities, and of
course espeak or other speech.

If I try to set up just by selecting Utilities in the regular Text
mode set up, I don't get sound and of course speech.

emacspeak in console is excellent, to use all it's features you have
to install mplayer but the mplayer with just command line seems to
have gone away.  Now if you install mplayer you bring in many programs
including cups and many fonts.  Mplayer command line would keep a CLI
install nice and small.

I also don't know how to kill espeak so that I just have emacspeak talking.

I'd love to have such a command or even better have emacspeak
automatically kill the console screen reader, and start the internal
emacspeak speech engine.  They are not the same, emacspeak is much
more focused and informative without saying everything that flies past
the screen.

I don't know who to go to to have this happen but I know it must be of
interest to some.

alpine mutt zip unzip moc links elinks lynx and other console programs
should be installed.  lynx  and w3m for example work with BARD but
other browsers do not.

I have such a installation made up on a hard drive but I don't know
how to remaster it.  When we had remastersys I could do that.  I have
respin but when I use that, there is no way to distribute what i have
and install to another computer.


David Ring

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