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Orca 3.30


I am a blind user and I am using Debian Stretch. I just upgraded the Orca screen reader to version 3.30 available in the Stretch backports. I noticed that after upgrading the Orca screen reader the Gnome desktop Applications menu does not work with Orca anymore. Orca speaks nothing when I try to access the Applications menu at the Gnome desktop top panel. This problem exists on all of my computers running Debian Stretch.

The problem disappears if I downgrade the Orca to the version 3.22 available in the Stretch main repository. The problem also did not exist when I was using Orca 3.28 installed from the Stretch backports. If I re-upgrade to Orca 3.30 then the problem does exist again. So it seems to me there is something wrong in the Orca 3.30.

Here is how to reproduce this problem:

1) Make sure that Orca screen reader version 3.30 is installed and running

2) Make sure Orca speaks if you e.g press some key from the keyboard or do something else like that.

3) Make sure you have enabled the Applications -menu in the Gnome Tweaktool

- Start Gnome Tweak tool

- Select "Extensions" from the settings page list

- activate the "Applications Menu" extension.

4) Go to Applications -menu which is now located in the Gnome desktop top panel.

5) Use keyboard arrow keys to navigate the Applications menu.

I am using Stretch on all of my computers and I have not upgraded to testing yet. So I can not confirm this, but  awhile ago there was some possibly related discussion at the Finnish mailing list for the visually impaired people. Someone said that Orca 3.30 does not speak when you are trying to access Gnome desktop settings under Debian unstable. I really can not confirm that and I do not know if that problem is has something to do with the problem I am reporting now.

It is possible that Orca 3.30 iscausing other problems, not just problems with the Applications menu, I have not had enough time to check that out.

It would be really important for the visually impaired users if this problem could be checked and solved, even more so if that is is really causing problems in Debian unstable or testing as mentioned abowe etc.

Thanks in advance.



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