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Re: Can't the Binary files libttspico-data for Sid be used in Wheezy?

Thank you, Sir. I have and I will read about the method and experiment.

One last query directly: Does the latest svox, i.e., pico2wave, have
option for sampling at higher than 16Khz Mono? This much.

Otherwise, I will use native Android-x86 installed on my system.

But I truly request you not to respond to my posts immediately. It was
not rational enough of me to have sent the email directly to you. My
need is not that urgent, compared to the work that you do for the
community at the collective level.

>From the next time, I shall not mail to you directly.

Please use your time on the very important work that you do for the
community. You, Sir, I couldn't be more aware that, have much more
important work at hand.

Looking at the world I know how precious people like you are for the
world. I shouldn't be selfish to use your wisdom for my own narrow

Please don't respond to my email directly. I mean it. Just reply if
you consider it is truly required, please reply using the mailing list.


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