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Re: Can't the Binary files libttspico-data for Sid be used in Wheezy?

Susmita/Rajib, le lun. 08 oct. 2018 20:51:26 +0530, a ecrit:
> I have downloaded the svox source from Debian repo:
> svox_1.0+git20130326.orig.tar.gz
> I untarred the package and have the tree as attached in the text file.
> It is an Android file. I don't believe that I am capable of porting it
> to my native wheezy system.

But the rebuild should just work as it is with dpkg-buildpackage? Is
dpkg-buildpackage not available in your environment by installing the
build-essential package? You also need to unpack the .debian.tar.gz
file to get the debian/ directory. But it's simpler to just use dget
(available from the devscripts package) as I mentioned, since it does
everything for you.


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