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Re: loss of speech in speakup when switching between console and gui

On 02/10/18 17:56, john doe wrote:
On 10/2/2018 6:04 PM, Keith Barrett wrote:
Is any one able to reproduce this?

Debian buster up to date as of 01 October 2018.

I am loosing speech in the console using speakup after switching back
from the desktop.
To reproduce, log in to the desktop and make sure orca is working.
Then switch to one of the text consoles with control alt f4.
Result for me is that speakup is no longer working.
This happens more the 50 percent of the time.



This is a well known bug, that has been dealt  with.
The fix relies on multiple components though, as a consequence,  it will
take time to be fully implemented.
See the archive of this list for more info.
Sorry, I should have added, this is not the usual pulseaudio problem as that is purged from the system. This only started within the last few weeks.

Credits goes primarily to "Samuel Thibault" for addressing this issue.

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