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Userland and speech/dispatcher speech problems

I AM fighting with Speech-dispatcher speech server and very interrupted Espeak speech. And it is very interesting, even if speech is so interrupted I Am not experiencing crashes. I do my best to overcome this problem. I have used default Pulseaudio buffer lenght for new modern devices in Xserver XSDL. Since higher Pulseaudio buffer values have produced much worst speech interruptions. I will use file manager to search for Xserver XSDL C source code to find something about PUlseaudio lenght to track down used default values. I will try to little decrease it to observe The results.
When I run standalone Espeak command for example
espeak "Userland is more and more stable"
Espeak produces speech with only very little interruptions. I Am afraid, that nobody have compiled Gnomespeech service and Espeak Gnomespeech driver for ARM 64 architecture. Since I think, that my only one hope will be use Gnomespeech services instead of Speech-dispatcher, sure with much more older Orca 3. 10 branch, but I have experience, that older Orca can work without assertions or severe crash on modern desktops. The only one problem is, where to get Gnomespeech Espeak driver. I have experimented with various speech-dispatcher configuration files including /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules/espeak.conf I have found two lines related to audio buffering, but I have found out, that there is no matter, which value I add on those files, Espeak speaks by The same way. I do not know, which process priority values can I change, I can try to give Speech-dispatcher high priority by using some GTk based process monitor, I will be able to observe result very fast.

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