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Userland Android project, Orca and accessibility

Dear users and developers,
    I have decided to contact this mailing list, because Debian community is the friendliest Linux community available. I also know, that Debian core developers do their best to support accessibility in Debian operating system, including Debian Installer net inst .iso bootable image and Debian live Gnome project. Because I love new software projects, I have decided to test Userland project. In short, it allows users of non rooted Android devices to run Debian and Ubuntu ARM64 latest stable distributions in user mode. I want to use the opportunity to run operating system Linux by using Android operating system. Since I can combine both positive aspects of Debian GNU/Linux ARM64 and Android GUI. And programmers trends for Android. But because Userland do not replace original Debian, I can not simply type startx to start specific GTK compatible desktop environment, I would like to valuably please you for help.
I am facing the following issue.
LXDE desktop environment do not support hot keys after starting startlxde
I always run startlxde &
to be able to monitor error messages on the terminal console when Userland run.
I can run stand alone GTK applications such as
Caja file manager
Synaptic package manager
No gnome-terminal.
OK, but I AM sad that I can not run my favourite Firefox WEB Browser. And the saddest think is that there is no crash which I could use to find out, why Firefox do not cooperate with Orca screen reader at all. There is no error messages on The screen. I can not run Gnome, since Gnome-keyring reports bug "insufficient process capabilities." I can browse even the most complex WEB pages in Firefox with JavaScript, but without Orca screen reader. There is problem. Firefox displays WEB page, even its build in hot keys are working without problems. But Orca does not get information from Firefox.
How can I use Orca in this environment?
I must always run some of compatible GTK window manager first by typing as rot or non root user.
Marco &
Orca &
caja &
Firefox &
or other GTK apps.

How can I use X desktop without Xserver? I can not use VNC protocol compatible client as my sighted concurrent users. But fortunately, MR Pelia have made free and reliable Xserver for Android by using C language. Xserver XSDL.
When I type
export DISPLAY=:0
I can run all GTK apps with GTK compatible Window manager even with Orca.
But I AM sad, that I AM Helpless to use Firefox.
When I want to start D-bus service in userland
I type
sudo service dbus start

any advices, which will give me the right direction how to support also this very specific environment will be very welcomed. Unfortunately, it is really not so easy for visually impaired user with no sight at all to run standalone DEBIAN ARM by booting it from SD card on Android device. Do not forget, that it is very unlike, that some professor of informatics science will develop hardware auto detection of all available ARM devices on the world so something like Live bootable Debian ARM 32 or 64 bit will be available. Sighted people can run such kind of Linux without problems even without sound support. Advanced programmers can even find compiled kernel driver files for build in chips of their tablets. But I can not do that. This is The reason, why I use Userland, since it communicate with Android build in kernel and sound support is functioning, since official Android coexist with Debian which run by using chroot.
Thank you very much for yours understanding and help.
with kindness regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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