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Re: buster net install image speakup not starting

On 09/08/18 22:46, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Keith Barrett, le jeu. 09 août 2018 21:10:25 +0100, a ecrit:
On 09/08/18 16:05, Samuel Thibault wrote:
There is no such known issue, netinst images should have speakup
Then it looks like there is an issue, is there any information I can provide
to help locate the issue?  It may be a while until I can get some one to
read the screen.

Then you'd need a braille display to get the needed information if it's
a problem with your particular system, and not just a bogus image.

Right, I have a braille display which I have not used for some time, I will see what I can do and thank you for the degugging information.
FTR, details on debugging information is on the wiki

Where did you take the image exactly?
I followed the link to the images including firmware from the debian
firmware wiki page.

I guess you ended up on


but it'd be better to be sure, otherwise chasing bug where it is not is
just loss of time...
Yes, just checked and that is the correct image.

Did you boot with BIOS (one beep) or UEFI (two beeps)?
No beeps heard,

Ok, it was just to make sure whether you need to press enter (BIOS boot)
or not (UEFI boot)

Right, so has the method of enabelling accessibility changed in buster?

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