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Re: Fenrir 1.9 released

Howdy Chime,

fenrir grows up from a little puppy to an wolf more and more. next is to grow up to an beast!

Well Chrys, is this a console screen-reader which runs from a graphical desktop?
Fenrir has several screen and input backends. currently evdevDriver (input using linux event device system) and vcsaDriver (screen) are used to have fenrir running in background reading TTY1 - TTY6. And pty (screen and input) drivers to emulate an console (like yasr did). the emulation can run in an terminal emulator like gnome-terminal, xterm (recommented since it does not react to orca, to avoid double presentation and stuff), mate-terminal or whatever. to start emulation mode just use "fenrir -e" an bash (or your default shell) spawns in and you can do your work. the PTY backends should work for other operating systems like MacOS and BSD as well. maybe also windows. but in lack of own one of that installations i m not able to test.

Also in the README it only mentions e-speak?
the README doesnt jost mentions to espeak. fenrir has currently 3 stable speech backends: genericDriver (using a subprocess to speak, but default is espeak), speechdDriver (for speech dispatcher) and espeak (using python-espeak). here the speech driver section of the readme
Speech Drivers:
    "genericDriver" (default) speech driver for sound as subprocess:
    espeak or espeak-ng

    "espeakDriver" speech driver for Espeak or Espeak-NG:

    "speechdDriver" speech driver for Speech-dispatcher:

    "dummyDriver" no speech
    "debugDriver" speech driver for debugging

I hope eventually there will be other options.
you will se some more options. 2 experimental drivers are pending: pyttsx driver (using python-pyttx, brings sapi5 (>=windows 7) and nsss (macOS)) and emacspeech driver. both have known issues i work on.
what options would you think about?
i wanted to bring up some dectalk speech. but in lack of an device i cannot provide this. if someone wants to join the game and help out here let me now.

also upcomming is braille support (let me know if someone wants to wire up some braille drivers), i bring up an brltty backend first.
also nice could be the table review manager. assume you have the output of ps:
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
14981 pts/0    00:00:00 bash
14993 pts/0    00:00:00 ps

plan is to parse and match the stuff up with the headline. so revew will not speak this
"PID", "TTY", "TIME", "CMD", <beep for linebreak>
"14981", "pts/0", "00:00:00", "bash", <beep for entering a new line>
"14993", "pts/0", "00:00:00", "ps"
but mor things like that:
"PID", "TTY", "TIME", "CMD", <beep for linebreak>
"PID: 14981", "TTY: pts/0", "TIME: 00:00:00", "CMD: bash", <beep for entering a new line>
"PID: 14993", "TTY: pts/0", "TIME: 00:00:00", "CMD: ps"
to have an idea what information you are currently watching at in tables with many columns.

also an advanced SayAll and ATK backend is planned for next major version 2.0

Here is also the wiki if someone wants some lyric:

cheers chrys

Zitat von Chime Hart <chime@hubert-humphrey.com>:

Well Chrys, is this a console screen-reader which runs from a graphical desktop? Will it run in Debian? Also in the README it only mentions e-speak? I hope eventually there will be other options. Thanks in advance

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