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Fenrir 1.9 released

Hi Samuel, Hi List

i write you to notify that i just released an new fenrir release:

there is a new dependencies:
pyte (python-pyte) needed for terminal emulation using "fenrir -e"  make fenrir run in an gnome-terminal or mate-terminal
xclip for share fenrir clipboard with X
Optional (experimental, not recommented)
pyttsx3 (python-
pyttsx3) for an new experimental optional driver backend for speech

releast notes
# We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fenrir 1.9!

You can download it from [the github page](https://github.com/chrys87/fenrir).

## What is it?

Fenrir is a console screen reader written in python3. It is in user space, so does not have to be compiled into the kernel like other options such as acscynth or speakup.
Features include speech and sound icon output with  braille support coming soon. Copy and paste with clipboards with definable history, currently 10. Desktop, laptop, and PTY keyboard layouts that are easy to learn and use. Learn mode, spellcheck with definable dictionaries, and definable windows for applications.

Version 1.9 is recommended for use in production invironments, however, if you would like to help test and/or develop Fenrir, you may wish to install the latest version from git. Fenrir is released under the LGPL license, so it will remain open source and free, but you may use it for closed source work invironments.
For more information, and to find out more about accessibility solutions for Linux, check out http://linux-a11y.org
We are also available on irc at irc.netwirc.tk in room #a11y
the manual is installed locally as a man page or available on [Fenrir's home page](http://linux-a11y.org/index.php?page=fenrir-screenreader)

## What's New

* much higher accuracy
* better handling for threads/ processes
* lot of bugfixes
* german translation
* performance enhancements (it runs quite nicely on the raspberry Pi)
* The ability to paste to the X clipboard (requires xclip)
* The generic speech driver is the default.
* initial Highlight tracking mode (work in progress)
* Sound alert if you remove or add a keyboard
* Copy last utterance to clipboard
*  Improved Headline Seperator and Multiple Character Support
* Toggle automatic speaking of indentation level
* PTY Screen driver (to use xterm and other terminal emulators)

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