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Debian accessibility news


Just a few news items:

- I should have pointed it out earlier: with Debian Stretch being
  released, accessibility is now enabled by default.  This means that
  notably, on a Debian system running the gnome desktop, you just
  need to press super-alt-s.  There is no need to click some "enable
  accessibility" checkbox and re-login any more.  This will also better
  expose the accessibility stack to developers, so they can themselves
  notice issues with it.

- The a11y bug tracker tag was added, which we can now use to track down
  the accessibility issues.

- The accessibility::* debtags were added.  One can now contribute them
  on debtags.debian.org.  This will allow to do apt-cache searches with
  filtering packages which have explicitly been marked as being

- Just as a reminder, packages upload & bugs will stop being sent to
  this list, but instead to pkg-a11y-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org ,
  which you can subscribe to from


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