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Re: looking at debian

Debian and accessibility work really well in the console, but not as
well as Vinux in the GUI.  I believe you can go to cdimage.debian.org to
get the version you want.  If you have wifi then I suggest the net
install version, about 300 MB.  Use the DD command to copy the iso to a
thumb drive if possible since it is faster than a CD.  When booting, you
will hear a loud beep sound which tells you the menu is on the screen. 
Press the S key and then the return key.  Within a few seconds the text
installation program will start and will guide you through the
installation.  I have Debian 7 console and Vinux 5 dual booting on a
netbook.  The only time I use Vinux on the netbook is if I have to run a
GUI program, otherwise I love the Debian console.  It's quick and
responsive.  As great as Vinux is it tends to overpower my netbook.

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