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Bug#721763: brltty grabs tty from CP2102/CP2109 device disconnecting default kernel driver


Tjeerd Pinkert, on Tue 03 Sep 2013 22:30:18 +0200, wrote:
> On connecting a CERN SPEC board (see www.ohwr.org White Rabbit
> project) through it's USB to serial convertor (CP2102/CP2109,
> vid=10C4h, pid=EA60h) to the system, expecting a ttyUSB device to be
> installed using the default kernel driver, brltty unexpectedly
> replaced the default kernel driver with it's own USB Braille terminal
> driver. Since the Seika Braille reader uses the CP2102/CP2109 default
> vid/pid, brltty addressed the SPEC board as such.

Do you still have this board for testing?  What values does it show in
the idVendor field of lsusb -v?

As explained in the bug report, we are wary of breaking users' support
for their only way to access their computer.  But recently version 5.4-3
of brltty was fixed into only taking control of devices with the right
idVendor field.  Unfortunately again the identifiers used by the actual
devices are the main product ones, in the case of the current bugreport
"Silicon Labs". Is that what your device has? Usually even if they
didn't modify vid/pid the vendor field is modified, and thus brltty now
avoids grabbing these.


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