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Bug#851623: Process spawned by package constantly causes traffic on loopback network device

Package: xbrlapi
Version: 5.4-4

After installing Debian Stretch last week, I noticed constant network activity which shouldn't be there on lo and which looks like this:

root@breizh:/home/acki# nethogs -a -t
Adding local address: xxxxx
Adding local address: xxxxx
Ethernet link detected
Adding local address:
Ethernet link detected
Waiting for first packet to arrive (see sourceforge.net bug 1019381)

unknown TCP/0/0	0	0

Refreshing:	0.0144531	0	0.0210938	0	0.0144531	0
unknown TCP/0/0	0	0

Refreshing:	0.0144531	0	0.0144531	0	0.0144531	0	0.0421875	0	0.0144531	0
unknown TCP/0/0	0	0

After some research I found out that uninstalling xbrlapi,
which got installed as a recommended package by gnome-orca
solves the issue.

I believe a package that can't find its hardware shouldn't
do such aggressive polling and thus this should be fixed.

Note: For the network activity on lo to end, a reboot was
necessary, just logging off and on again from the X-Session
didn't solve the issue.

I haven't got any braille-related hardware and I didn't select
intentionally any braille-related package.

Here's someone from France who had the same issue and whose
advice I followed:


My architecture is amd64.

Sorry for any inconvenience, this is my first bug report ever
for Debian.


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