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Switching off a (laptop) monitor

Hi all,

on my previous laptop, I used `sudo vbetool dpms off` to switch off the monitor.
which worked fine.
On my Thinkpad, this doesn't work reliably anymore: after I have switched off
the monitor, I cannot switch it on again. On the other hand, I cannot switch it
off after it was in sleep mode.
Since a kernel upgrade, the whole procedure doesn't work at all:

    % sudo vbetool dpms off
    zsh: illegal hardware instruction  sudo vbetool dpms off

Setting the tty to blank doesn't work either:

    % sudo setterm --blank force /dev/tty1
    setterm: cannot force blank: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Can anybody confirm any of the above observations? It might be necessary to
investigate this, since it makes the tips on the wiki page useless, at least for

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