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Re: Using espeak with brltty-espeak driver


Ali Gürler schrieb am 02.01.2017, 14:39 +0100:
>I installed a basic debian system without a graphical desktop
>environment. Now I would like to use the espeak synthesizer with
>brltty. So I installed alsa-base, alsa-utils, espeak and
>brltty-espeak. With the command
># aplay <wave file>
>I get a sound output. If I run
># espeak "Hello"
>espeak is saying "Hello", but also there is an error message:
>Cannot connect to server request channel
>jack server is not running or cannot be found
This is ok and can safely be ignored.

>How to activate the brltty espeak driver on the text console? Is it
>inough to uncomment the speech-driver line for espeak in /etc/brltty.conf?
Exactly. You might want to fine-tune some of the speech-parameters, to i.e. set
the default language or increase the maximum speech rate.

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