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Re: Debian potential user, a question or two

> There are also "net installs" that can be done that start out small.
> I've never gone that route so I don't know for fact, but it's always
> felt like that's the next step up from debootstrap. It's my
> understanding that you work your way up to the specific system you
> need (regarding which packages you want).
> If someone here has gone the net installation route, could you please
> give feedback? It seems like it would also be CLI, but I don't know.
> Maybe I'll try that myself this week so I know for next time someone
> asks. My uninformed kneejerk is to think that's probably the more
> regular user friendly route to try when compared to debootstrap. :)

I am a totally blind Debian user and I regularly use the Net Install
method.  It works very well, except you will need headphones since for
some reason the volume is very low.

And the last stage, where you choose packages to install, including
which desktop (if any), whether to include print server, SSH server
etc., you need to remember that the default list needs to be included as
well as your other choices.

I can't remember the defaults exactly but if it says number 10 is in the
default you need to include 10 in your space-separated list of choices.

I use it via SSH from another machine and hence the command-line almost
exclusively, although on laptops I use the desktop.

It gives the choice of Gnu, Mate, KDE or Mate desktops.  XFCE is
inaccessible, Gnu will give you the (in my opinion) horrible Unity
desktop and KDE is also very poor for accessibility.  I use Mate.

I have no hesitation in recommending Debian Net Install since it works
so well for me and I have absolutely NO vision at all, I can't even see
the Sun.

I also exclusively use eSpeak both in the console, the desktop and in
Emacspeak and can't see why anybody ever needs another synth.


Michael A. Ray
Witley, Surrey, South-east UK

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